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Who taught you to hate being what God made you?

Malcolm X (via flippinbananas)


Erykah Badu


Man forgets he is married after surgery (x)



I come here tonight and plead with you. Be proud of yourself and believe that you’re somebody. I said to a group last night, “Nobody else can do this for us.” No document can do this for us. No Lincolnian proclamation can do this for us; no Kennedysonian or Johnsonian civil rights bill can do this for us. If the negro is to be free he must move down into the inner resources of his own soul and sign, with a pen an ink of self-asserted manhood, his own Emancipation Proclamation. Don’t let anybody take your manhood. Be proud of our heritage; as somebody said earlier tonight, we don’t have anything to be ashamed of.

Somebody told a lie one day. They couched it in language.They made everything black, ugly and evil. Look in your dictionary and see the synonyms of the word “black.” It’s always something degrading and low and sinister. Look at the word, “white.” It’s always something pure, high. Well I want to get the language right tonight.

I want to get it so right that everybody here will cry out, “Yes I’m Black and I’m proud of it. I’m Black and beautiful.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. -Somebody Told a Lie

"If the negro is to be free he must move down into the inner resources of his own soul and sign, with a pen and ink of self-asserted manhood, his own Emancipation Proclamation."

Tear jerking

relax. writers block is a natural wave. just like your body needs rest. so does your soul. do something different. go dance in the rain. eat some good food. make love. your being will wake you up in the middle of the night, coming home from the gym, in the middle of a conversation. it will let you know when the words are coming. relax. let the words come and go, as they may. they know you are home.

nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)


Fon appliqué workers
Abomey, Republic of Benin
Photograph by Eliot Elisofon, 1971

i think what i hate so much about living under capitalism, is how much selfishness it requires, how hard it is to live in community, how tightly drawn the circle is, how communion beyond a few intimates is dangerous, how duplicity and selfishness are held up as spiritual values. i am drawing my circle closer. i am so deeply disappointed. i have such little hope.

Emma Rosenthal on the degenerative, dehumanizing nature of capitalism (via sonofbaldwin)